Creating InterfacesBuilding capacity for integrated governance at the food-water-energy-nexus in cities on the waterNexus2016
CRUNCHClimate Resilient Urban Nexus CHoices: operationalising the Food-Water-Energy NexusNexus2016
ENLARGEENabling LARGE-scale integration of technology hubs to enhance community resiliency via DDS in various urban FWE nexusesNexus2016
FUSEFood-water-energy for Urban Sustainable EnvironmentsNexus2016
SUNEXFormulating sustainable urban FWE strategy by optimizing the synergies between food, water and energy systemsNexus2016
GLOCULLGlobally and LOCally-sustainable food-water-energy innovation in Urban Living LabsNexus2016
IN-SOURCEINtegrated analysis and modelling for the management of sustainable urban FWE ReSOURCEsNexus2016
METABOLICIntelligent Urban Metabolic Systems for Green Cities of Tomorrow: an FWE Nexus-based ApproachNexus2016
CITYFOODSmart integrated multitrophic city food production systems – a water and energy saving approach for global urbanisationNexus2016
FEW-meterThe FEW-meter – an integrative model to measure and improve urban agriculture towards circular urban metabolismNexus2016
M-NEXThe Moveable NEXUS: Design-led urban food, water and energy management innovation in new boundary conditions of changeNexus2016
IFWENUnderstanding Innovative Initiatives for Governing Food, Water and Energy Nexus in CitiesNexus2016
Urbanising in PlaceUrbanising in Place. Building the food water energy nexus from belowNexus2016
Vertical Green 2.0Vertical greening for liveable cities – innovation to facilitate the breakthrough of an old conceptNexus2016
WASTE FEW ULLWaste Food-Energy-Water Urban Living Lab – Mapping and Reducing Waste in the Food-Energy-Water NexusNexus2016