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ADRELOAdvancing Resilience in Low Income Housing Using Climate-Change Science and Big Data Analytics DR32019
AFGROLANDAfrican Food, Agriculture, Land and Natural Resource Dynamics, in the context of Global Agro-Food-Energy System Changes Food2013
AGENTSAmazonian Governance to Enable Transformations to Sustainability T2S2016
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INTEGRATEAn Integrated Data-Model Study of Interactions Between Tropical Monsoons and Extra-Tropical Climate Variability and Extremes Climate2015
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ASUSArctic Sustainability: A Synthesis of Knowledge Arctic2014
AWERRSArctic Wetlands Ecosystems – Resilience through Restoration & Stewardship Arctic2019
ARMSRestoreARMS to reefs: A new tool to restore coral reef biodiversity, fisheries yields, and human health in Madagascar Oceans2018
MULTI-FRAMEAssessment Framework for successful development of viable ocean multi-use systems Oceans2018
BONDSBalancing biOdiversity conservatioN with Development in Amazon wetlandS Biodiversity2017
BITMAPBetter Understanding of Interregional Teleconnections for Prediction in the Monsoon And Poles Climate2015
Salt-MineBeyond freshwater generation: Mineral extraction from seawater desalination brine and seawater greenhouse farming Oceans2018
BAAMRGPBio-Economic Analysis for Arctic Marine Resource Governance and Policy Arctic2014
Adaptation Traditions and Climate ChangeBiocultural adaptation of resource management traditions under the effects of climate change CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
ARCABiocultural Heritage in Arctic Cities: Resource for Climate Adaptation? CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
ScenNetBiodiversity and Ecosystem Service Scenarios Network Biodiversity2014
BLUEGEMBiosphere and Land Use Exchanges with Groundwater and soils in Earth system Models Soils2020
BEDROCKBuilding an evidence-base for deforestation-free landscapes: supporting equitable outcomes in and beyond commodity supply-chains SSCP2022
Creating InterfacesBuilding capacity for integrated governance at the food-water-energy-nexus in cities on the water Nexus2016
PARSECBuilding New Tools for Data Sharing and Reuse through a Transnational Investigation of the Socioeconomic Impacts of Protected Areas SEI2018
SERUSBuilding Socio-Ecological Resilience through Urban Green, Blue and White Space Arctic2019
UComNetSus-AfricaBuilding Urban Community Networks for Sustainable Cities in Africa Pathways2020
COPERAC budget of Ecosystems, Cities and Villages on Permafrost in the Eastern Russian Arctic Arctic2014
DELTASCatalyzing Action towards Sustainability of Deltaic Systems with an Integrated Modelling Framework for Risk Assessment Coastal2012
AirGeoCitizens’ Empowerment through Biomonitoring of Air Quality in Response to Mining, Recycling and Using Georesources Pathways2020
FutureWebClimate and land use change threat to the vertebrate European food web structure and functioning Biodiversity2017
SCENTinelClimate Changes and Scent Heritage: The Urgent Need for Capturing and Preserving Olfactory Landscapes in a Changing World CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
CHAINClimate Hazards and Migration in Madagascar: Towards an Integrated Monitoring and Modeling for Mitigation and Adaptation Migration2022
CRUNCHClimate Resilient Urban Nexus CHoices: operationalising the Food-Water-Energy Nexus Nexus2016
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CLIMBClimate-Induced Migration in Africa and Beyond: Big Data and Predictive Analytics Migration2022
ClimateWiseClimate-Smart Watershed Investments in the Montane Tropics of South America Mountains2015
CHAMNHAClimate, heat and maternal and neonatal health in Africa CEH2019
Co-SFSCCo-Creating Sustainable Transformations of Food Supply Chains through Cooperative Business Models and Governance SSCP2022
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COASTCoastal OceAn SusTainability in Changing Climate Oceans2018
BanD-AIDCollaborative Research: Bangladesh Delta: Assessment of the Causes of Sea-Level Rise Hazards and Integrated Development of Predictive Modeling Towards Mitigation and Adaptation Coastal2012
CCCEHNCommunity collective action to respond to climate change influencing the environment-health nexus CEH2019
Circularity3Conceptualizing, implementing and measuring the Circular Economy from the micro to the macro level SSCP2022
Future BirdScenariosConservation policy in a changing world: integrating citizen science data from national monitoring schemes to model impacts of global change scenarios Biodiversity2017
COVPATHCoviability Path, a New Framework to Sustainably Link Mankind and Biosphere Pathways2020
CuHeMoCultural Heritage in Motion: Indigenous Knowledge and Mobile Livelihoods in Changing Climates CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
DUALData-driven Disaster Response Systems Dependent on Time of Day, Season and Location for Megacities DR32019
ACCESDe-icing of Arctic Coasts: Critical or new opportunities for marine biodiversity and Ecosystem Services? Biodiversity2017
TAMANIDesigning an Improved Network of Long-Term Monitoring Sites for Arctic Vertebrates: Towards a Better Involvement of Local Communities through Participatory Science Programs Arctic2014
AlienScenariosDeveloping and applying scenarios of biological invasions for the 21st century Biodiversity2017
LimnoScenES Developing improved social-ecological scenarios for biodiversity and ecosystem service changes in north temperate freshwater ecosystems over the next half century Biodiversity2017
DREAMSDeveloping REsilient African cities and their urban environMent facing the pro-vision of essential urban SDGs Pathways2020
DISCoDigital infrastructures for sustainable consumption: Redirecting, reorganizing, reducing and reimaging consumption SSCP2022
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EXEBUSEcological and Economic impacts of the intensification of extreme events in the Benguela Upwelling System Oceans2018
CLIMTREEEcological and Socioeconomic Impacts of Climate-Induced Tree Diebacks in Highland Forests Mountains2015
ECCAPEcological Calendars and Climate Adaptation in the Pamirs Mountains2015
ENLARGEENabling LARGE-scale integration of technology hubs to enhance community resiliency via DDS in various urban FWE nexuses Nexus2016
FuturAguaEnhancing Adaptation and Resilience to Drought in Dry Tropical Social-Ecological Systems: The Guanacaste, Costa Rica Example Freshwater2012
Fish2SustainabilityEnhancing the Contribution of Small-Scale Fisheries to the Sustainable Development Goal Pathways2020
OA-MEEvaluation, Mitigation and Adaptation of Impacts of Ocean Acidification to Marine Ecosystems Oceans2018
FARMS 4 BiodiversityFarmer-led Agroecological Research in Malawi using Scenarios for Biodiversity Biodiversity2017
DEVILFeedback Loop Interactions Between Land Use Change and Food Security Dynamics Food2013
ABC TelecouplingFood Security and Land Use: The Telecoupling Challenge Food2013
FICESSAFood Security Impacts of Industrial Crop Expansion in Sub-Sahara Africa Food2013
SAFGOVFood System Governance, Food Security and Land Use in Southern Africa Food2013
FUSEFood-water-energy for Urban Sustainable Environments Nexus2016
SUNEXFormulating sustainable urban FWE strategy by optimizing the synergies between food, water and energy systems Nexus2016
NICH-ArcticFrom Nunavik to Iceland: Climate, Human and Culture through time across the coastal (sub) Arctic North Atlantic Arctic2019
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VULCAR-FATEGlobal change impact on vulnerable carbon reservoirs: carbon sequestration and emissions in soils and waters From the Arctic To the Equator Soils2020
CONNECTGlobal Connections and Changing Resource Use System in the Arctic Arctic2014
GULLSGlobal learning for local solutions: Reducing vulnerability of marine-dependent coastal communities Coastal2012
ShipTRASEGlobal shipping: Linking policy and economics to biogeochemical cycling and air-sea interaction Oceans2018
GLOCULLGlobally and LOCally-sustainable food-water-energy innovation in Urban Living Labs Nexus2016
GOTHAMGlobally Observed Teleconnections and their Role and Representation in Hierarchies of Atmospheric Models Climate2015
GoSTGovernance of Sociotechnical Transformations T2S2016
SAM ConsortiumGuiding the Pursuit for Sustainability by Co-developing a Sustainable Agriculture Matrix Pathways2020
H2O -- T2S H2O — T2S in Urban Fringe Areas T2S2016
Eco2HealthHealth and Agriculture Sustainability through Interdisciplinary Surveillance and Risk Assessment Platform of Global Emerging Zoonotic Diseases Pathways2020
HEATCOSTHealth effects and associated socio-economic costs of increasing temperatures and wildfires – A global assessment CEH2019
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Pan-Arctic OptionsHolistic Integration for Arctic Coastal-Marine Sustainability Arctic2014
WILDHEALTHHow does environmental biodiversity affect wildlife health? Biodiversity2017
PHOENIXHuman Mobility, Global Challenges and Resilience in an Age of Social Stress Migration2022
THESISHydro-Social and Environmental Impacts of Sugarcane Production on Land Use and Food Security – an International Programme to Foster Trans-Disciplinary Science, Networking and Community Building Food2013
HYPE-ERASHYdrology, PErmafrost and resilience in Eastern Russian Arctic and Subarctic Arctic2019
ITHACAImmobility in a Changing Climate Migration2022
IHDBSImpact of Human Drivers (Fire, Agriculture and Grazing) on Bio-Diversity in the Savannas Biodiversity2014
PREREALImproving Predictability of Circumboreal Forest Fire Activity and its Ecological and Socio-Economic Impacts through Multi-Proxy Data Comparisons Climate2015
IN-SOURCEINtegrated analysis and modelling for the management of sustainable urban FWE ReSOURCEs Nexus2016
JWPIntegrated Analysis of Freshwater Resources Sustainability in Jordan Freshwater2012
PolyConeIntegrated and sustainable regulation of cones in Eastern Polynesia Oceans2018
INTERACTIONIntegrated Assessment of Climate Impacts on Ecosystem Functions and Productivity of Critical-Zone Eco-Hydrology Soils2020
S&CCIntegrated risk mapping and targeted snail control to support schistosomiasis elimination in Brazil and Cote d’Ivoire under future climate change CEH2019
XINGUIntegrating Land Use Planning and Water Governance in Amazonia: Towards Improved Freshwater Security in the Agricultural Frontier of Mato Grosso Freshwater2012
METABOLICIntelligent Urban Metabolic Systems for Green Cities of Tomorrow: an FWE Nexus-based Approach Nexus2016
Climate Change Migration NetworkInternational migration, climate change and network effects: A worldwide study Migration2022
JUST GROWJUST GROW: Co-designing justice-centric indicators and governance principles to intensify urban agriculture sustainably and equitably SSCP2022
Land2SeaLand to Sea: Integrated modelling of consequences of terrestrial activities and climate change for freshwater and coastal marine biodiversity and ecosystem services Biodiversity2017
TLSCCMaintaining Productivity and Incomes in the Tonle Sap Fishery in the Face of Climate Change Freshwater2012
MADISManagement of Disaster Risk and Societal Resilience DR32019
OceanFrontCHANGEManaging Ocean Front Ecosystems for Climate Change Oceans2018
MARATMarine Arctic Resilience, Adaptations and Transformations Arctic2019
MARISCOMarine Research and Innovation for a Sustainable management of Coasts and Oceans Oceans2018
MistyMigration, Transformation and Sustainability T2S2016
Pasture AdaptationMitigation and Adaptation in Cultural Heritage Landscapes : Lessons from Transhumant Pastoral Systems for Managing Novel Climate Risks CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
MEWARMosquitoes populations modelling for early warning system and rapid response public by health authorities correlating climate, weather and spatial-temporal mobile surveillance data CEH2019
SASCHAMulti scale approaches and scalability within climate change–heritage risk assessments CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
MAGICMulti-scale Adaptations to Global Change and their Impacts on Vulnerability in Coastal Areas Coastal2012
NO CRISESNegotiating Ocean Conflicts among RIvals for Sustainable and Equitable Solutions Oceans2018
OCEANS PACTOCEAN Sustainability Pathways for Achieving Conflict Transformation Oceans2018
OBServOpen Library of Pollinator Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Scenarios Biodiversity2017
NILE-NexusOpportunities for a Sustainable Food-Energy-Water Future in the Blue Nile Mountains of Ethiopia Mountains2015
PACPATHPacific Ocean Pathways in Support of Sustainable Development: an Integrated Approach Pathways2020
PACMEDYPalaeo-Constraints on Monsoon Evolution and Dynamics Climate2015
PREMISSPartnership for Research to Enhance Methodologies In Sustainability Science Pathways2020
P3People, Pollution and Pathogens: Mountain Ecosystems in a Human-Altered World Mountains2015
PRISMARCTYCPermafrost degradation impacts on soils, human societies, water resources and carbon cycle Soils2020
PREPProtection Resilience Efficiency and Prevention for workers in industrial agriculture in a changing climate CEH2019
RACERapid Arctic environmental Changes: implications for well-being, resilience and Evolution of Arctic communities (RACE) Arctic2019
Re-Energize DR3Re-Energize Governance of Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience for Sustainable Development DR32019
ReVerDiReal Versus Digital: Sustainability optimization for cultural heritage preservation in national libraries CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
RACArcticResilience and Adaptive Capacity of ARCTIC Marine Systems Under a Changing Climate Arctic2014
RETRACEResiliences to climate risks: lessons from arctic and pacific communities CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
RESISTResilient societies through smart-city technology: Assessing earthquake risk in ultra-high resolution DR32019
BioDiv-support Scenario-based decision support for policy planning and adaptation to future changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services Biodiversity2017
SEAVIEWScenario, Fishery, Ecological-Economic Modelling and Viability Network Biodiversity2014
SALBESScenarios for Agricultural Landscapes’ Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Biodiversity2017
BIOESSHEALTHScenarios for biodiversity and ecosystem services acknowledging health Biodiversity2017
SECBIVITScenarios for providing multiple ecosystem services and biodiversity in viticultural landscapes Biodiversity2017
ARCTIC-BIODIVER Scenarios of freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem services in a changing Arctic Biodiversity2017
SOMBEEScenarios of Marine Biodiversity and Evolution under Exploitation and climate change Biodiversity2017
SDG-pathfinding SDG-Pathfinding: Co-Creating Pathways for Sustainable Development in Africa Pathways2020
SecTenSusPeaceSecuring Tenure, Sustainable Peace? The Challenges of Localizing Land-Registration in Conflict-Affected Burundi and Eastern DR Congo T2S2016
SeMPER-ArcticSense Making, Place attachment and Extended networks as sources of Resilience in the Arctic Arctic2019
CITYFOODSmart integrated multitrophic city food production systems – a water and energy saving approach for global urbanisation Nexus2016
SEA-CCHangeSocio-Ecological Archiving: Coastal Communities’ Heritage in times of climate change CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
SAHEWSSouthern Africa’s Hydro-Economy and Water Security Freshwater2012
INCLUSIVEStakeholder-supported decision making for sustainable conjunctive management of soil and groundwater Soils2020
ATLASStudying symbiotic scenarios linking Heritage assets and green areas to prepare Historic Cities to face Climate Changes CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
Gold MattersSustainability Transformations in Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining: A Multi-Actor and Trans-Regional Perspective T2S2016
SUSTAINDAMSustainable Management and Planning of Hydropower Generation in West Africa under Climate Change and Land Use/Land Cover Dynamics Pathways2020
SMARTS2Sustainable Management of Agro-ecological Resources for Tribal Societies 2 Food2013
CoastalTALESTelling Adaptations; Living Environmental Stories for Coastal Resilience CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
FEW-meterThe FEW-meter – an integrative model to measure and improve urban agriculture towards circular urban metabolism Nexus2016
REEF-FUTURESThe futures of reef services in the Anthropocene Biodiversity2017
M-NEXThe Moveable NEXUS: Design-led urban food, water and energy management innovation in new boundary conditions of change Nexus2016
Micro-PollThe Pollination of Nepal’s Micronutrient-rich Crops in a Changing Climate CEH2019
InterDecThe Potential of Seasonal-to-Decadal-Scale Inter-Regional Linkages to Advance Climate Predictions Climate2015
RREFloodThe Residual Risk of Extreme Floods: A Challenge for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Pathways2020
IPACSTThe Role of Intellectual Property to Accelerate Sustainability Transitions T2S2016
SuperSustainThe role of supermarkets as key agents in systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production SSCP2022
CON-VIVATowards Convivial Conservation: Governing Human-Wildlife Interactions in the Anthropocene T2S2016
GloBAMTowards monitoring, understanding and forecasting global biomass flows of aerial migrants Biodiversity2017
SCARIATowards Sustainable Community-Based Mitigation of Rodent Issues in African Cities Pathways2020
TSUNAGARITrans-System, Unified Approach for Global and Regional Integration of Social-ecological Study toward Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Biodiversity2014
TRUCTransformation and Resilience on Urban Coasts Coastal2012
TAPESTRYTransformation as Praxis: Exploring Socially Just and Transdisciplinary Pathways to Sustainability in Marginal Environments T2S2016
T2GSTransformations to Groundwater Sustainability: Joint Learnings from Human-Groundwater Interactions T2S2016
SUSTHERITTransformative urban heritage. Strategies for a sustainable European historic housing stock. CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
TRUEPATHTRansforming UnsustainablE PATHways in agricultural frontiers: articulating microfinance plus with local institutional change for sustainability in Nicaragua T2S2016
InvasiBESUnderstanding and managing the Impacts of INVASIve alien species on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Biodiversity2017
IFWENUnderstanding Innovative Initiatives for Governing Food, Water and Energy Nexus in Cities Nexus2016
SVALURUnderstanding Resilience and Long-Term Ecosystem Change in the High Arctic: Narrative-Based Analyses from Svalbard Arctic2019
Urbanising in PlaceUrbanising in Place. Building the food water energy nexus from below Nexus2016
Vertical Green 2.0Vertical greening for liveable cities – innovation to facilitate the breakthrough of an old concept Nexus2016
VULPESVulnerability of Populations Under Extreme Scenarios Mountains2015
WASTE FEW ULLWaste Food-Energy-Water Urban Living Lab – Mapping and Reducing Waste in the Food-Energy-Water Nexus Nexus2016
REFRESHWater Cycle For Resilient Heritage CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
Waterproofing DataWaterproofing Data: Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainable Flood Risk Governance for Urban Resilience T2S2016
WRENCHWhispers of Time: Heritage as Narratives of Climate-Change CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
FIRECULTWildfire Resilient Cultural Heritage CCH2023: CCH2023- Climate and Cultural Heritage
WWW.PICWorld Wide Web of Plankton Image Curation SEI2018