Upcoming funding opportunity: Science-driven e-Infrastructure Innovation (SEI) for the Enhancement of Transnational, Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Data Use in Environmental Change

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Do you specialize in open data or open science? Check out the Belmont Forum’s upcoming funding opportunity.

The Belmont Forum is launching a four-year Collaborative Research Action (CRA) on Science-driven e-Infrastructure Innovation (SEI) for the Enhancement of Transnational, Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Data Use in Environmental Change.

This SEI CRA targets initiatives that are well positioned to bring together environmental, social and economic scientists with data scientists, computational scientists, and e-infrastructure and cyber-infrastructure developers and providers for a shared goal; to solve methodological, technological and/or procedural challenges facing interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary environmental change research that involves working with large, diverse and transnational, multi-source data. The SEI CRA will closely link research thinking and technological innovation toward accelerating the full path of discovery-driven data use and open science. This will enable a broader scientific community to benefit from the identified new and potentially disruptive demonstrators or pilots toward solutions.

The competitive SEI call will support three to four year innovative projects that are encouraged to be:

Science-driven. ​Projects should aim to develop innovative demonstrators and pilots that enable the use of transnational multi-source data and enhance interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary environmental change research. They must specifically identify tangible research questions and objectives that will benefit from the proposed solutions.

Collaborative​. Projects should involve mutually dependent collaborations among domain scientists and computer and data scientists, as well as possibly e- and cyber-infrastructure developers and providers. This links research thinking and technological innovation to solve well-identified, experience-based methodological and/or technological issues and barriers in transnational data use.

Translatable​. Projects are expected to deliver and share innovative demonstrators and pilots and open software that smooth the path from theoretical research through proof of concept to usable and effective solutions that are translatable and relevant to the wider scientific community for a sustained impact on research practices.

End-to-end​. Projects targeting specific segments along the full path of data use in a well-described, science-driven context should demonstrate how this will accelerate the rates at which information is gleaned from data and impact the Belmont Forum research challenges.

Interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary​. Great premium will be placed on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research-driven initiatives with an emphasis on co-design, co-development and sharing within and across disciplines, enabling open data and open science all along the full path of data use.

Each research partner in a project must comply with the eligibility criteria and rules of its funding organisation. At this stage, the following funding agencies have expressed interest in the call:

National Science Foundation (USA)
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan)
São Paulo Research Foundation (Brazil)
National Research Agency (France)
Ministry of Science and Technology (Chinese Taipei)

The call for applications opens: April 16, 2018

Deadline for proposal submission: July 16, 2018

Funding decisions made (tentative): December 2018

Projects begin (tentative): January-March 2019

Here are the call documents including the call documents.

To learn more about the application process, visit or our Opportunities page. For additional questions, please contact