Save the Date: Belmont Forum Scoping Workshop: Pathways to the SDGs

The Belmont Forum (BF) is a partnership of 29 science funding institutions representing 50 countries and 6 science coordinating bodies committed to providing knowledge for understanding, mitigating, and adapting to global environmental change. Members identify areas of shared priority, where transnational and transdisciplinary approaches that leverage existing investments bring added value, develop synergy, and avoid duplication.

While the BF is a catalyst for its members, the most successful collaborative research actions (CRA) include support from funders and organizations that are not members of the Belmont Forum. The Pathways to the SDGs CRA scoping process actively seeks to engage BF members and other institutions and programs interested in leveraging their funds or other resources in this highly flexible funding process. This Framework will help guide both the priority setting for the CRA itself and possible funding mechanisms (such as capacity building and evaluation) that would enhance CRA success. By the end of 2019, the scoping process is expected to produce call text, joint implementation plan with associated review criteria, and monetary or in-kind commitments from joining partners. The call is expected to be released with funding of successful multinational, transdisciplinary efforts in 2020.

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