Want to host the Belmont Forum Secretariat? Join our June 15th webinars!

Shack at Sea from TLSCC Project - Source: [Author Unknown]. TLSCC 3. Digital Image. [Source Unknown], [Date Published Unknown]

The Belmont Forum is seeking applications to host its Secretariat.  Expressions of interest are due July 5th.  Details about the Forum, its Secretariat operations, and a list of recommended and required service options are outlined in the opportunity posted on the Belmont Forum website.  All organizations are welcome to submit an expression of interest to this opportunity.

To provide additional detail about the Forum and address any questions about the hosting opportunity, the Secretariat will be hosting two webinars via Webex.  Links to the two webinars follow below with dialing instructions.  Note that the teleconferencing numbers provided are the same for both webinars.  Meeting access codes and passwords, however, are not the same.  Attendees in both webinars will be anonymized to allow for protected discussion.

Questions about the hosting opportunity can also be sent to with a subject line: Secretariat Host Query.

Webinar at 10:30 am ET on 15 June:

Meeting number (access code): 740 268 026


Meeting password: jU6CZk3?


Webinar beginning at 10:00pm ET on 15 June:

Meeting number (access code): 748 608 038


Meeting password: yVAADG$8


Calling from Call-in Numbers

US Toll +1-415-655-0002
Australia Toll +61-29037-0071
Austria Toll +43-125-302-2148
Belgium Toll +32-289-48399
Canada Toll +1-416-915-8942
Czech Republic Toll +420-23414-7053
Denmark Toll +45-327-20304
Finland Toll +358-942-450-458
France Toll +33-1709-50582
Germany Toll +49-692-573-9821
Hong Kong Toll +852-580-84341
Hungary Toll +36-1577-9993
Ireland Toll +353-152-69749
Italy Toll +39-023-041-0492
Japan Toll +81-350-501389
Luxembourg Toll +352-2786-0508
Netherlands Toll +31-2079-46885
New Zealand Toll +64-9280-5282
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