Global Change Requires Global Solutions: Empowering Women in Science in the Developing World to Inform Human Action and Adaptation

Photos from DELTAS, ARTISTICC, FuturAgua Projects - Source: [Author Unknown]. DELTAS, ARTISTICC, FuturAgua Projects. Digital Image. Erica Key LinkedIn Page, [Date Published Unknown]

Next week at the 5th General Assembly of the Organization for Women in Science in the Developing World (OWSD) hosted by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Mao Takeuchi, Deputy Director of the Belmont Forum, will give an invited presentation about the Forum’s efforts to build capacity in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science to address multi-national concerns about global change.  A flexible, multi-lateral funding approach has supported 48 projects with participating scientists and stakeholders on 6 continents.  Their combined efforts are advancing our knowledge about food and freshwater security, biodiversity, climate variability, Arctic resilience, and coastal vulnerability.  Many of the projects are conducting research in developing countries and vulnerable communities, working in partnership with local organizations, and publishing actionable information in regional languages.

This is a laudable beginning, and one we keep striving to improve upon.  Ms. Takeuchi’s presentation will highlight one key demographic that is often underrepresented in project teams: female scientists, student researchers, and stakeholders from the developing world.  The OWSD assembly provides an exceptional opportunity to link with these critical voices.   Increased gender and geographical balance in the portfolio will ensure that research projects and outcomes reflect not only a balanced perspective but one representative of the populations being affected by global change.

We look forward to the interaction with the OWSD community and developing new linkages for a more inclusive and diverse future.