Food Security Awardees featured at Global Land Project Open Science Meeting

Food Security and Land Use Change Awardee Meeting - Source: [Author Unknown]. [Title Unknown]. Digital Image. Erica Key LinkedIn Page, 2016

In Beijing this week, awardees from the joint JPI-FACCE and Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action on Food Security and Land Use Change will be presenting at the 3rd annual Global Land Project Open Science Meeting. The co-chair of the Belmont Forum, Gilberto Câmara, will be in attendance as awardees present their results in multiple sessions and host a roundtable discussion on the interaction between food security and land use in the context of global change.

We invite you to attend these sessions to learn about the results of these multi-national awards and connect with JPI-FACCE and Belmont Forum awardees, leadership, and funders.

Tuesday, 25 October, 13h00 – 14h30 (oral session)

Tuesday, 25 October, 17h00 – 18h30 (oral session)

Wednesday, 26 October, 11h00-12h30 (oral session)

Wednesday, 26 October, 13h30-15h00 (roundtable discussion)

Note: This post originally appeared on appeared on Belmont Forum Secretariat Executive Director Erica Key’s Linkedin blog.