Belmont Forum joins the International Council for Science (ICSU) Panel at COP-22

Urgencies in Fundamental Climate Research Following the Paris Agreement - Source: Paulavets, Katsia. ICSU Panel at CoP-22. Digital Image. Erica Key LinkedIn Page, 2016

On November 7th, in Marrakech, Morocco, the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will open its 22nd meeting. The Belmont Forum will be present to participate in an ICSU-hosted panel on urgent needs in climate research science following the Paris Agreement.

Please join us in the Blue Zone or via livestream from 15:00-16:30 UTC, while we discuss recent investments in climate predictability and inter-regional linkages and the benefits of multi-lateral interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science for advancing key questions in fundamental climate research.

Both Dr. Erica Key, Executive Director of the Belmont Forum Secretariat, and Dr. Maria Uhle, NSF program director, Belmont Forum member, and 2017-2020 co-chair of the Belmont Forum will serve on the panel. We hope you will join us in person or online and thank ICSU and SCAR for making our participation possible.

Note: This post originally appeared on appeared on Belmont Forum Secretariat Executive Director Erica Key’s Linkedin blog.