Belmont Forum Call for Proposals on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Announced!

Today the Belmont Forum is launching an international call for proposals on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (DR3).  The call responds to the growing need for assessment and reduction of disaster risk, collaborative co-design of resilience strategies with a breadth of stakeholders, and scientifically and technologically enhanced responses to disasters.  In the context of this call, disasters are framed as extreme environmental events that negatively impact coupled human-natural systems.  The generation of these events may have natural and/or anthropogenic causes.

Proposals submitted to this Belmont Forum CRA must feature multi-national, transdisciplinary approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience.  Application materials and guidance can be found at  The funding partners providing resources for this call have outlined their interests and eligibility requirements in organizational annexes for DR3 under the “Read Call Documents” link.

Each project team must consist of, at a minimum, natural scientists, social scientists and humanities, and stakeholders.  They must also be eligible for support from a minimum of 3 funders providing resources for DR3.  Specific questions about support or themes can be addressed to program contacts within the organizational annexes.

We look forward to the innovative approaches that will be proposed to DR3 to move the needle towards better resiliency against disasters.