Awardee Submissions to Resource Library

The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the publication of 22 new resources submitted by Awardees on our website.  The presentations and journal articles were submitted by members of the GOTHAM and BITMAP projects.

The following documents can now be accessed through the Resource Library:


The Evolution, Seasonality and Impacts of Western Disturbances

Welcome to GOTHAM – The Summer School

Complex Network Based Diagnostics (and Forecasting) of ENSO

Midlatitude Circulation Observed & Modeled Dynamical Changes Relevant for Summer Extremes

Introduction to Functional Network Analysis

Global Climate Impacts of ENSO

Impacts of ENSO on the East Asian-Western North Pacific Monsoon

East Asian Summer Monsoon Changes: From Interannual to Decadal Time Scales

Interactions between the Stratosphere and Troposphere

Using Causal Discovery Algorithms to Analyze and Predict the Stratospheric Polar Vortex

Pyunicorn Software Introduction

The El Niño Southern Oscillation

Indian Monsoon: Basic Drivers and Variability

Indian Monsoon, Associations with Mid-latitude Circulation and Extreme Precipitation

Complex System Approaches for Climate Data Analysis

Causal Inference and Complex Network Methods for the Geosciences

The Impact of Arctic Climate Changes on Weather and Climate in Mid-Latitudes – The Role of Tropo-Stratospheric Coupling

Seasonal Predictions: Confidence and Multi-decadal Variability of Skill Estimates of the Winter NAO

Atmospheric Teleconnections: From Causal Attribution to Storylines of Circulation Change

Network-Based Monsoon Forecasts: Tipping Elements Approach

Report on the SPARC QBO Workshop: The QBO and Its Global Influence – Past, Present and Future and How to Use It

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