11th Belmont Forum Plenary week in São Paulo 6-10 November

Next week, Belmont Forum members, partners, and guests will head to São Paulo, Brazil for a week of meetings, hosted by FAPESP, at the science-policy-society interface!

This year, in addition to our annual plenary meeting, we have a number of side events that reflect a growing interest in partnerships to maximize resources and meet grand interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary goals. On Monday, we’ll host an Americas Regional Information Day to build interest and partnerships for the Belmont Forum throughout North and South America.

Tuesday morning, the Inter-American Forum will be advancing collaborative possibilities among economies of all sizes in the Americas.

On Friday, the Global Forum will bring together philanthropic and aid and development organizations to enable transformative projects that address the Sustainable Development Goals.  The week caps with a Food Security and Safety Scoping Workshop.

We’re looking forward to a week of Forum members and partners interacting with a cross-cut of implementers, funders, coordinators, and stakeholders from the Americas as well as other regions.  And as always, we’ll be getting down to internal Forum business as well.

Next stop: São Paulo!