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Towards Sustainability of Soils and Groundwater for Society

Photo by Will Suckow;
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The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the launch of a collaborative research call on the theme: Towards Sustainability of Soils and Groundwater for Society. The goal of this CRA is to produce the necessary knowledge and propose solutions to maintain well-functioning soils and groundwater systems in the Critical Zone1, or rehabilitate them where degraded, through:

  1. Better understanding of the long- and shorter-time dynamics and functions of soils and groundwater, impacts from societal (including economics) decisions, integrative management practices, public policies, and how these systems have been transformed; and,
  2. Providing avenues, pathways, and narratives toward transformation of management practices of the whole soil and groundwater systems through a fundamental shift of socio-economic actors’ practices and related-decisions making processes.
  • Call Opens: 09 April 2020
  • Registration Open: 09 April 2020
  • Registration Closes: 23 July 2020, 13:59 UTC
  • Proposals Open: on submission of registration
  • Proposals Close: 24 August 2020, 13:59 UTC

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Opportunities Under Review

Disaster Risk, Reduction and Resilience

The Disaster Risk, Reduction and Resilience (DR3) call responds to the growing need for assessment and reduction of disaster risk, collaborative co-design of resilience strategies with a breadth of stakeholders, and scientifically and technologically enhanced responses to disasters.  In the context of this call, disasters are framed as extreme environmental events that negatively impact coupled human-natural systems.  The generation of these events may have natural and/or anthropogenic causes.

Each project team must consist of, at a minimum, natural scientists, social scientists and humanities, and stakeholders.  They must also be eligible for support from a minimum of 3 funders providing resources for DR3.  Specific questions about support or themes can be addressed to program contacts within the organizational annexes.

Call Documents

Climate, Environment and Health

Photo by UN Photo/Ilyas Ahmed

The Belmont Forum in collaboration with Future Earth, announces a new collaborative research action for transdisciplinary research which will improve understanding of the pathways between climate, environment and health to protect and promote human health and well-being in the face of climate challenges.

Multilateral, inter- and transdisciplinary research projects will investigate where significant uncertainties exist that are barriers to action; address complex climate, ecosystem and health pathways to determine processes underlying causal links; and foster the use of scientific information and climate-related decision support tools to better inform planning and enhance resilience.

  • Deadline for Expression of Interest: 06 May 2019, 16:00 GMT
  • Deadline for full proposals:             23 July 2019, 16:00 GMT

Call Documents

Previous Calls

For a full list of Collaborative Research Actions, visit the CRAs page.

Application Site and Process

Application systems and processes may vary from call-to-call.  Many of our current and prior calls can be found at the Belmont Forum Grants Operations (BFGO) website.  Please carefully review the materials for each specific call when preparing a proposal.

  • Every proposal must include natural scientists, social scientists and stakeholders.
  • There must be collaborators from at least three different countries on each proposal.
  • Researchers from countries who are not funding agencies are not Belmont Forum members must submit their own monetary resources or in-kind funding.
  • Only one proposal is submitted per team.

This proposal process flow chart provides an overview of the call, selection and funding  procedures for application submissions.  To learn more about the Belmont Forum process, please see the CRA development process and award mIlestones flow charts.

If you are interested in learning more about the application process, please watch this short video below that highlights eligibility requirements as well as the proposal and award process for our collaborative research actions.