ENVISIONAn inclusive approach to assessing integrative scenarios and visions for protected area managementBiodiversity2017
BONDSBalancing biOdiversity conservatioN with Development in Amazon wetlandSBiodiversity2017
FutureWebClimate and land use change threat to the vertebrate European food web structure and functioningBiodiversity2017
Future BirdScenariosConservation policy in a changing world: integrating citizen science data from national monitoring schemes to model impacts of global change scenariosBiodiversity2017
ACCESDe-icing of Arctic Coasts: Critical or new opportunities for marine biodiversity and Ecosystem Services?Biodiversity2017
AlienScenariosDeveloping and applying scenarios of biological invasions for the 21st centuryBiodiversity2017
LimnoScenES Developing improved social-ecological scenarios for biodiversity and ecosystem service changes in north temperate freshwater ecosystems over the next half centuryBiodiversity2017
FARMS 4 BiodiversityFarmer-led Agroecological Research in Malawi using Scenarios for BiodiversityBiodiversity2017
FATEFuture ArcTic Ecosystems (FATE): drivers of diversity and future scenarios from ethno-ecology, contemporary ecology and ancient DNABiodiversity2017
WILDHEALTHHow does environmental biodiversity affect wildlife health?Biodiversity2017
Land2SeaLand to Sea: Integrated modelling of consequences of terrestrial activities and climate change for freshwater and coastal marine biodiversity and ecosystem servicesBiodiversity2017
OBServOpen Library of Pollinator Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services ScenariosBiodiversity2017
BioDiv-support Scenario-based decision support for policy planning and adaptation to future changes in biodiversity and ecosystem servicesBiodiversity2017
SALBESScenarios for Agricultural Landscapes’ Biodiversity and Ecosystem ServicesBiodiversity2017
BIOESSHEALTHScenarios for biodiversity and ecosystem services acknowledging healthBiodiversity2017
SECBIVITScenarios for providing multiple ecosystem services and biodiversity in viticultural landscapesBiodiversity2017
ARCTIC-BIODIVER Scenarios of freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem services in a changing ArcticBiodiversity2017
SOMBEEScenarios of Marine Biodiversity and Evolution under Exploitation and climate changeBiodiversity2017
REEF-FUTURESThe futures of reef services in the AnthropoceneBiodiversity2017
GloBAMTowards monitoring, understanding and forecasting global biomass flows of aerial migrantsBiodiversity2017
InvasiBESUnderstanding and managing the Impacts of INVASIve alien species on Biodiversity and Ecosystem ServicesBiodiversity2017