The Belmont Forum announces a Final Funding Decision for the Call on the Theme of Food Security and Land Use Change – Type 2 (Medium to Long-term Integrated Projects)

Lettuce Dying - Source: Blue River Technology. Advanced technology for better agriculture (Image 6). Digital Image. National Science Foundation, 2013

These awards provide support to transdisciplinary, multinational consortia to engage in global change research through a 14-country joint research initiative supported by the Belmont Forum and the Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI). Consortia are comprised of natural scientists, social scientists and end-users, policy makers, and associated stakeholders. The goal of these research projects is to increase scientific understanding of the dynamic spatial scale interactions between food security and land use in the context of global change, and the consequences of these interactions for climate, ecosystems and social systems, including their economic and cultural dimensions.

This call of the International Opportunities Fund will provide support for the following consortia of medium to long-term integrated projects:

  • African Food, Agriculture, Land and Natural Resource Dynamics, in the context of global agro-food-energy system changes – AFGROLAND
  • Food Security and Land Use: The Telecoupling Challenge – ABC Telecoupling
  • Feedback Loop Interactions Between Land Use Change and Food Security Dynamics – DEVIL
  • Food Security Impacts of Industrial Crop Expansion in Sub-Sahara Africa – FICESSA