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Welcome to the Ocean Sustainability Hub!

Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community around the world.

Welcome to the Ocean Sustainability Hub! This platform provides an opportunity for awardees and project collaborators from the Belmont Forum’s Oceans CRA to showcase their project outputs, including publications, presentations, webinars, media, one-pagers, etc. The Hub also has a built-in social network to help Coordinators, Consortium Leads, Researchers, and Stakeholders efficiently connect with each other on one platform. This is your place to post your project outputs, network with other Oceans CRA members, and keep updated on ongoing CRA activities, so we encourage you to stay engaged and participate!

1. Create your member profile

This is the place to showcase yourself to the platform user and the public​​. Add a profile photo, cover photo, link your social media accounts and add a website relevant to you or your project. 

The “Nickname for tagging” in the profile section is what other Hub members will use to tag you in a post. Your nickname can be as simple as Firstname_Lastname.

2. Navigate to the Members tab to see who else is on the platform

In the “Members” tab you can find a list of everyone on the Hub. Connect with, follow, and send direct messages with other Hub members to build new relationships or cultivate existing ones.

3. Check out the groups and projects tab

  • You can join both public and private groups within the network that vary by topic. 
  • Each of the 13 funded Oceans CRA projects has a publicly visible project group to showcase project outputs. Each project can share results, post pictures, share links and articles, upcoming events, and anything else relevant to Oceans. 
  • One project member will be in charge of managing the public project page.

If you have an idea for a new group, contact help@belmontforum.org.

4. Engage with your project and other topics of interest in the Discussion Forums tab 

The Discussion Forums are where Hub members can subscribe to and participate in internal discussions. Members can also attach a photo, tag relevant members, and opt to become notified of replies via email