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Welcome to the Ocean Sustainability Hub

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Groups and Projects

The Oceans CRA Connect page highlights the 13 funded projects, introduces the team members, and showcases their work. Each project has its own group on this platform. Groups are a place to communicate about shared interests with people. Members can create a group to network with each other across all projects.
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This page brings together researchers and their societal partners from across the globe.
Together, they develop innovative solutions to accelerate the sustainable
use of oceans and minimize the effects of
global change.
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Discussion Forums

Oceans CRA Connect page members have the opportunity to network with each other across all projects, and use the page to communicate widely. Share updates about your project, organization. Ask questions to engage in conversations. Post an exciting upcoming event.
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Moving towards Transdisciplinarity

This diagram demonstrates the interconnections between different research disciplines involved in Collaborative Research Action (CRA) Ocean Sustainability projects. The graphic labels arcs around a circle with disciplines. The arc length represents the percentage of researchers from the overall pool with degrees in that academic discipline. Where researchers of different disciplines collaborate, chords connect the arcs. A chord’s end width represents the percentage of research from one discipline who are collaborating with researchers from the connected discipline. In addition to the disciplinary interconnections represented here, researchers across the program are engaged with a wide variety of societal stakeholders in knowledge co-production and mapping sustainability pathways.

Academic disciplines are based on the Joint Academic Coding System (JACS 3.0 2012/2013)

Oceans Calendar

Learn more about upcoming meetings, workshops and Oceans-related events here at our Calendar page. To add or suggest an event, please contact us at oceans@belmontforum.org.