Project Profile: SCARIA

Towards Sustainable Community-Based Mitigation of Rodent Issues in African Cities


Principal Investigators: Gauthier Dobigny, French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development/Centre for Biology and Management of Populations, France
Partners: Karmadine Hima, Abdou Moumouni University, Niger
Gualbert Houemenou, University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin
Yonas Meheretu, Mekelle University, Ethiopia
Sani Ousmane, Centre for Medical and Health Research, Niger
Soanandrasana Rahelinirina, Pasteur Institute of Madagascar, Madagascar
Vohangy Soarimalala, Vahatra, Madagascar
Luwieke Bosma, MetaMeta Research, The Netherlands
Sponsors: French National Alliance for Environmental Research, France
French National Research Agency, France
Future Earth, International/Africa


Full Project Title: Towards Sustainable Community-Based Mitigation of Rodent Issues in African Cities
Full Call Title: Pathways2020


Project Objective: A panel of academics, public services, social enterprises, local NGOs, associations and representatives will pursue two main objectives:

(1) to build and animate multi-stakeholder local working groups in four urban living labs who will rely on both scientific and local knowledge to discuss and formalize an urban EBRM adapted to each local socio-economic, cultural and environmental context;

(2) to produce baseline data (cartography; rodent diversity, mobility and spatial distribution; zoonotic pathogens in rodents and humans; socio-economic impacts of rodents; project perception by the inhabitants) in all four pilot sites to provide socio-environmental proxies for future urban EBRM implementation and evaluation.
Call Objective: The goal of this CRA is to provide a science base for achieving sustainability goals. The CRA will support 1-2 years of collaborative research networking activities that focus on integrated qualitative and quantitative approaches to develop Earth-system-based transformation pathways for sustainable development.


Regions: Africa
Countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Niger


Duration: 24 months
Call Date: 2020
Project Award Date: 01 June 2021