Science-driven e-Infrastructure Innovation (SEI) Projects Awarded

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Belmont Forum funders sought to enhance the impact of environmental change research and associated data by supporting technological innovation that would accelerate discovery, inform policy, and support decision making. The resulting call for proposals solicited teams of computer and information scientists and technologists working together with natural and social scientists and related stakeholders in transnational projects. Successful teams would integrate data streams and analysis systems, amalgamate best practices from public and private sectors, and foster open data and open access.
The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the awarded projects from the Science-driven e- Infrastructure Innovation CRA:

ACCEDE: Abrupt Change in Climate and Ecosystems: Where are the Tipping Points?
Lead PI, Nicholas McKay, Northern Arizona University
Funding support from NSF, ANR, and MOST

PARSEC: Building New Tools for Data Sharing and Reuse through a Transnational
Investigation of the Socioeconomic Impacts of Protected Areas
Lead PI, Alison Specht, Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité
Funding support from ANR, NSF, FAPESP, and JST

WWW.PIC: World Wide Web of Plankton Image Curation
Lead PI, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Sorbonne Université
Funding support from ANR, NSF, FAPESP, and JST

We look forward to their advancements towards more data-enabled decision support and learning! Congratulations to all in these multinational collaborative projects.