2022 Annual Report

We are so excited to share the most recent Annual Report on the Belmont Forum’s actions and advancements!
So much has changed in the past 2 years since the Belmont Forum underwent its external review. The world faced a COVID-19 pandemic, in the midst of which, the Sustainability, Research and Innovation Congress was launched in collaboration with Future Earth, as a flagship convening event for the global transdisciplinary community. Many lessons were learnt as populations across the globe navigated through the pandemic, importantly among them the importance of science, research and evidence; and the importance of coming together with, and as, a community to create societally relevant and acceptable solutions to shared challenges. 
In reflecting on what has been accomplished through Belmont Forum supported research, it is important to take stock on what has changed, how far society has evolved, and the directions it may take. What are the changes this community should aim to catalyze?

The external review of the Belmont Forum offered an objective look at the tools and communities that have been developed – it highlighted successes; but more importantly, it also explored what can be done better. The Belmont Forum needs to be more global, inclusive, and cognizant – to recognize that there are different ways of knowing. In order for the work that was achieved to have full impact and legitimacy, underrepresented voices and those who will be most impacted by global environmental changes need to be empowered. The global community needs to come together, learn to communicate more effectively, heal old wounds, and foster unlikely friendships.

None of these objectives are easy, and it requires that the community take ownership of shared challenges to create better solutions. For science (research) and society to come together, they must come together to design, develop and deliver on a shared vision of the future. So with these reflections, we would like to invite you to be part of this growing conversation – participate in the ideation, design and delivery of a better future for the planet and for humanity.

Join the SRI Congress in June 2023 in Panama City (hosted by SENACYT and the IAI) to discuss and propose solutions for urgent and challenging issues, establish new collaborations, and contribute to an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future.

Maria Uhle
Marcos Regis da Silva
Nicole Arbour

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